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Algerian Embassy in Helsinki سفارة الجزائر بهلسنكي

Exceptional Updating of the electoral list


Exceptional Updating of the electoral list

for the Presidential elections

to be held on the 4th of july 2019


The Algerian Embassy in Helsinki informs the Algerian nationals residing in Finland that, in accordance with the Organic Law related to the Electoral Law, an exceptional updating of the Electoral List will take place from 16  to 23  April 2019.

Therefore, the  Embassy invites the entitled Algerian citizens not yet registered on the Electoral List to do so if they are:

– Registered at the Algerian Embassy in Helsinki or in Stockholm;

– Aged 18 years and over on 4 july 2019;

– Enjoy her/his civil and political rights;

The entitled citizens are kindly asked to:

Fill a registration form available either online ( ENROLMENT ) or  at the premises of the Embassy,

and either submit it at the Embassy, email it to

or send it by post to Pohjoinen makasiinikatu 6 A 6. 00130 Helsinki

Note: The Embassy reminds that a consular registration does not imply systematically a registration on the electoral list.