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Algerian Embassy in Helsinki سفارة الجزائر بهلسنكي

Family visa

Family visa is issued to applicants with Algerian family members but no citizenship.


  • Invitation letter signed and legalized at a local city hall from your family in Algeria or for spouses and children of Algerian nationals living abroad, a copy of his/her Consular Card.
  • Payment in the amount of 80 euros + 25 euros (Application fees) for a validity period not exceeding 90 days (100 euros + 25 euros (Application fees) for validity period exceeding 90 days)  made payable to the Embassy of Algeria for Finnish citizens, for all other nationalities please contact us.
  • For persons between age of 06 – 12 years, visa fee is 40 euros + 25 euros (Application fees)
  • .Persons under the age of 06 years, free.
  • Two (02) copies of the application form. Please fill out the editable PDF application form on the screen, print it and then date and hand sign it. On each copy, please glue a photo on the box reserved for it at the upper right side of the form. The photos should be Finnish passport photos, 47 x 36 mm.
  • Travel insurance (depending on your nationality).
  • A passport with six months of validity starting from the date of entry.

You must apply in person or send your application through a visa services agency.

The visa fees are paid only by a bank transfer to the Embassy’s bank account:

  • IBAN: FI 8118 20 3000 04 38 10

Important: please note that these fees are non-refundable if your visa application is denied or canceled.