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سفارة الجزائر بجمهورية فنلندا

Embassy of Algeria to Finland
الجمهورية الجزائرية الديمقراطية الشعبية
People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s message on the occasion of the International Day of living together in peace

Today Algeria, in unison with the rest of the world, celebrates, for the first time, the ‘International Day of Living Together in Peace’ in our country, this celebration takes on a particular dimension for several reasons. This message was sent by the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, on the occasion of the International Day of Living Together in Peace.

First of all, it is because the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed last December 8th this day of living together in peace, thanks to the initiative of the International Sufi Association Alawiyya, the NGO chaired by Sheikh Khaled Ben Tounès, with the support of his country Algeria.

This proclamation reflects the international community’s recognition of our country’s patient and successful efforts to promote a culture of peace, dialogue, mutual respect and tolerance among its own citizens.

Secondly, this initiative is driven by the moral, cultural, social and human values to which our moderate people are fundamentally attached. It expresses just as much the strong commitment of our people that these universal values take the place that should be theirs in the relations between the nations and the people of the whole world.

Thirdly, this proclamation represents a commitment of our country as well as the will of the international community to work more to promote the culture of peace and dialogue both within societies and between Nations, at a time where breaking lines and the factors of division multiply.

In the face of the theorists of civilizational confrontation, in the face of the partisans of the logics of exclusion, facing the promoters of extremism and multifaceted violence arising therefrom, including withdrawal, rejection and inferiorisation of the other, discrimination in all its forms, and unfortunately the phobia of the Muslim in particular, our country has constantly advocated the promotion of dialogue, understanding and cooperation between religions and cultures, drawing its references in the teachings of our holy religion Islam, the religion that advocates peace and coexistence as shown by centuries of history of humanity, across continents.

Starting from these noble values of Islam, religion of the people and the State in Algeria, that our brave people has been able to overcome their national tragedy marked by a barbaric and despicable terrorism that our country has confronted alone and isolated thanks to the sovereign determination of its people through his choice of peace and civil harmony. This generous choice found its source in the values of Islam which calls on men to reconcile, to unite their energies and to combine their efforts and their hopes around the realisation of the only worthwhile goal, that of strengthening national unity, the consolidation of the cohesion of our people, the protection of our national sovereignty and the construction, together in a united approach, of a modern Algeria to which each and from modern Algeria in which each and each of us is proud of belonging

It is in this respect that we need to incorporate the constitutional definition, with clarity and precision, of the components of the national identity of Islam, Arab and Amazigh identity and the need to exclude them from exploitation of political operations and politicians, the promotion of economic, social and cultural policies driven by the requirement of inclusiveness and social justice, as well as territorial development strategies guided by an equitable distribution of opportunities, national wealth and generated prosperity.

It is this very path that constitutes our choice and which makes us inscribe the dynamic of promoting our young democracy in that it contributes to anchoring in the minds and behaviors of men and institutions the intrinsic values of living together, by strengthening the rule of law, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

It is also in this chapter that our country has made significant progress in promoting the rights and status of women in our society and its crucial role in protecting social cohesion and national, in the transmission of the founding values that have united the Algerian nation for millennia.

Lastly, the profound reform of the national education system, whose role in the formation of the citizen rooted in its country’s millennial history, is anchored in the authentic values of its people, the Citizen attached to work and sacrifice to preserve the independence of its country and build his prosperous future, the Algerian school is today called to spread more values of living together in peace among the millions of students.

At the international level, starting from this same base, and with the correctness of its convictions, our country joined its efforts with those of other countries to prevail between peoples the culture of peace, solidarity, tolerance and dialogue.

It is in this spirit that our country was among the first to advocate for the strengthening of the dialogue of civilizations, cultures and religions and to promote the culture of peace, thus actively participating in bringing the international community to confront, more and more, the troublemakers of conflicts and dissension between the peoples.

Thus, the Algeria never stopped, on the international level, to promote the principles, ideals and objectives of the UN Charter in international relations, and this as well in the settlement of political conflicts in the introduction of more balanced economic relations.

In this regard, our people can be proud of their country’s foregoing five decades of global dialogue aimed at building more equitable and integrated economic relations between developed and less affluent nations during an extraordinary general assembly convened by the UN.

Algeria’s action towards its immediate neighborhood and all its partners has always been guided by the principles of peace, coexistence, cooperation and good neighborliness.

At the time when the whole world is going to celebrate this 16th of May 2018, for the first time since the proclamation of the day “International Day of Living Together in Peace”, our country derives a legitimate satisfaction from having initiated this action which is for the long term and aims to create our future generations, and by themselves in the near future, a better world based on tolerance, mutual respect in the difference, diversity and solidarity.

Our people will have to persevere in promoting the culture of peace and living together in redoubling effort and consistency within our country, in a palpable way, through promoting civism, work and love of the homeland.

Through dignified behavior, we will be able to defend the true image of our religion, Islam, and our homeland, on the path of construction, prosperity and fidelity to our glorious martyrs.

In conclusion of this message, I address to the children of our people, wherever they are in Algeria or abroad, to present to them my best wishes on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, while praying the Almighty to accept their fasting and to grant them health and well-being as well as to the entire Muslim nation.

Statement on behalf of the president of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly H.E. Miroslav Lajcak – International Day of Living Together in Peace